Hollylu Coon

Wife-Mother-Teacher-Reforming Control Freak-Speaker-Pediatric Specialist-Author-Counselor-Deposed  Dictator-Coffee Junkie

I’m way too selfish to be a “good Christian”.  I want to be in charge.  Of everything.  My life, my kids, my job, my husband.  Everything.  For years, I trotted off to church willing to work hard for the kingdom.  I loved God and wanted to serve Him, even to the point of agreeing to use glitter glue with the three’s class.  But surrender was another deal.  Not real surrender.  People who surrender to God end up working in the African dirt.  They end up with no control.  I didn’t want to go to Africa.  Call me shallow.  I wanted to go to Walmart.  

This is the holding pattern I circled in for 30 years of sturdy Christian living.  Until God busted me loose from my “church lady-ness”.  He sprung me from the slammer of my own selfish heart.   Freed me from my unrealistic expectations, record keeping, and rule-following and let me run with loving abandon.  And now I’m NOT willing to settle for anything less than the FULL life He promised.

My teaching, speaking, parenting and playing revolve around living the free life.   At home, my husband Mike (my superhero for 26 years) rejoices in my shift from “raging dictator” to “slightly less selfish albeit completely inept at laundry” homemaker.   My kids, Annalee and Teddy are in the teen years with a mother solidly behind them- even if she can’t use the cool functions on the phone or get the pick-up time right.  She knows how to pray.  And how to make brownies.  And for now, that’s enough.

At work, I continue to serve amazing families in my role as a speech-language pathologist.  Twenty some odd years later, I better understand how much I don’t know.  Each patient is unique.  All nervous systems are different.  Communication is a puzzle that doesn’t come with prewritten instructions.  And making progress takes a lot of hard work – so it better have some fun thrown in.  If at all possible, don’t fight the nervous system.  It’s like swimming upstream or hiking up hill (with a rock in your shoe).  All of my teaching and therapy involves “avoiding extra work” by discovering what the body needs and/or craves.   Go for the easy answer first by treating the environment, the nervous system, and then the behavior, in that order.

My favorite thing to do is to sneak away and speak to women.  Life doesn’t have to be “this drudge march”.  God promises more.  His call was never to perfection.  His call is to surrender.  It’s all about the real.  Real people.  Real life.  Real God.  I love speaking to parents and teachers (especially dads wearing that “OMG where did I lose control” expression).  Children are the absolute best at keeping us humble while fostering our understanding that it is possible to physically ache with love.

I’d be thrilled by the opportunity to come speak to your organization!  The “free life” involves daily discipline.  Unfortunately, “staying real” isn’t easy.   But if treated with proper amounts of seriousness and milk-out-your-nose laughing, our time on this planet, cradle to grave, can be filled with adventure – and joy.


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