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Hello Friends!

Hollylu Jostes Coon was a good Christian with no real faith. In the club but not a Gold Star member. Knowledgeable but lukewarm. And confused on how to experience that internal change and joy of the Lord the Bible talks about. Weary of claiming a faith that promises supernatural and transformational power, yet living with fear, anxiety, and doubt, Hollylu was at the ultimate fork in the road: reject her faith or stop thinking so deeply about it. The third option wasn’t even on her radar: total commitment to God.


Salty: The Deconstruction of a Good Christian will take you on Hollylu’s journey of examining her faith in relation to her everyday life. Her refreshingly candid story—heartfelt, irreverent, and humorous—will inspire you to live as salt of the earth and as an agent of change, fully surrendered and transformed by Jesus.

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