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Parenting Talks

  • Honey, I’m Stumped By the Kids 

A talk for Dads & Moms to attend together. A condensed version of several developmental topics, this talk is designed to “Fill dad in on why weirdo behavior is part of the parenting deal”. Funny and packed with facts for the “More right brained listener”. This talk has worked well as a “Parent’s night out” activity.

  • I am the Grown Up… I am the Grown Up…

Do you ever feel like WWIII has broken out in your home and you’re on the losing side? Considering your child’s nervous system development, this talk offers practical tips for staying one step ahead in the game of “Who’s the Boss?”.

  • R-E-S-P-E-C-T ​

Find out what it means to Mom! Eyeballs rolling, hips popping, and huffing like a linebacker? Respect is difficult to master when the human spirit demands its own way! This talk covers the tricky subject of respect –what it is and how to give it. With a little help in perspective talking, kids (and parents) can come a long way in a short time!

(Best for MomsNEXT group with kids 5 yrs. and older) 

  • Play Nice With the Dragon  

Most two-year-olds can use a cell phone.  In a digital world, how do we structure screen time in learning environments to maximize the benefits of technology while keeping children safe?  Discuss the latest research and guidelines for using technology in classrooms serving toddlers, preschooler and primary aged children.

Once booked, your organization will receive a link to handouts and Discussion Questions. 

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