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Relentless Love 

The men are in the grave yard. With no protection, no money, and no hope,
three widows cling to the margin of society. The verdict is death by
starvation. But one unwanted, voiceless woman knew the God whom she
believed in. And faith changes everything. And so begins the story of Ruth.
Join us for a Faith Experience Weekend as we strip away the Cinderella façade
and experience Ruth’s epic transformation from refugee to warrior. In the
pages of a small book in the Old Testament, God tethers his plan of
redemption to a woman of no worth. But why? The answers will challenge
and encourage the seasoned and beginning believer alike.

Jeremiah 31:3

Irrational Hope. Radical God.

Once booked, your organization will receive a link that enables access to Relentless Love promotional materials, event planning suggestions and prayer support.



“You are AMAZING! I was so hesitant to come for mnay reasons.  I thought I knew the book of Ruth & didn't have anything else to take from it, but I was dead wrong. You brought so much light, hope, power & humor to it.  You have a wonderful gift of capturing the hearts of people and bring God's word to life. Thank you, thank you. A million thank yous!

God Bless,

“Thank you so much for sharing the message of Ruth with us.  The Holy Spirit just shone through all of you and blessed each of us in a special & unique way.  Thank you for the amazing prayer session too! It was life changing.

- Lena

- Tina

Thank you so much for your teaching! You helped me look at Ruth through fresh eyes & to truly see my worth through God's eyes.  I am so much more aware of God's design for men & women and want to be a warrior woman for my husband to make him even stronger and show my kids how men & women can both be strong w/out diminishing each other.  You are truly a tool God is using to change lives, mine and my families!

- Cheryl

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