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Spiritual Development

  • God Loves the Underdog!

(Women’s tea/Afternoon event)

Unwanted, unpopular, voted “most likely to fail”. These are the people God chooses for the “big jobs”. Packed with God’s redeeming truth, this talk promises to tickle your funny bone while filling your heart with hope. This talk is suitable for multi-generational women’s events.

  • Easter Morning Every Morning

(Appropriate year round)

How do you explain God to kids? Or Jesus? Or (gulp) sin? How do we include Easter’s “main event” in the midst of eggs and bunnies and beans? This talk is all about telling your kids the “Good News”!

  • It’s a Wonderful (Real) Life

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why am I here?… No really, why?” This talk addresses the BIG question of personal significance and how one over-worked, underappreciated mother found some answers on the day she accidentally dropped the holy family. The talk includes the salvation message. Appropriate for MOPS and seeker friendly Christmas gatherings. 55 minutes

Once booked, your organization will receive a link to handouts and Discussion Questions. 

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