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The Jericho Road


key verse

Welcome to Jericho.  Jericho is not Jerusalem.  Jericho is the real world.  Where power is powerful and weakness is weak.  The strong win.  Truth shifts.  And dreams are just dreams.  In Jericho, religion is confused with righteousness.  The city is built on a foundation of pretense.  And the moral majority is often… wrong.  

The unlikely heroes of Jericho invite you to rip apart “workaday religion” and decide what you believe.  If our faith is what sustains us, we’d better be sure we have put our faith in the right place.  The right person.  And if our faith is weak, where or how does it grow?  We can’t “faith harder”.  So how is faith strengthened?  These are the lessons of Jericho.  Want to be strong in the face of fear?  Want to have confidence in the dark?  Want to experience joy regardless of comfort?  Well then.  It’s time to look at your shield.  Bring your intellect, your tough questions and travel worn heart.  There is someone good here in Jericho.  And He changes everything.

Hebrews 11:1

Once booked, your organization will receive a link that enables access to Jericho Road promotional materials, event planning suggestions and prayer support.

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