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Children's Ministries

for Children’s ministry leaders and teachers
  • Let my Children Wiggle

Geared toward teachers, educators, and child care professionals. Informative and fun- this talk includes an overview of the developing sensory system and how to improve classroom performance by meeting sensory needs.


- Rules of thumb for nervous system capacity

- Fidget busters

- Gross motor breaks when recess isn't an option



  • How Not to Run Screaming from the Classroom

This talk focuses on how to arrange your environment and your daily schedule, to embrace the developing nervous system and improve classroom performance by meeting a child's sensory needs.


- The developing nervous system

- Negative behavior

- Environment


  • Top 5 Reasons Rainy Days Make Us Cry

This talk provides a brief overview of nervous system development and equips Moms/ or teachers to address the sensory system to facilitate optimal behavior in children. There is sanity at the end of the rainbow!​​



  • Play Nice With the Dragon  

Most two-year-olds can use a cell phone.  In a digital world, how do we structure screen time in learning environments to maximize the benefits of technology while keeping children safe?  Discuss the latest research and guidelines for using technology in classrooms serving toddlers, preschooler and primary aged children.​

  • ​​More than a Little Help

How to identify and refer children in need of additional sources of support.

Once booked, your organization will receive a link to handouts for your training event

Children Reading the Holy Bible
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