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Women's Tea/Luncheon

  • God Loves the Underdog
Unwanted, unpopular, voted "most likely to fail". These are the people God chooses for the "big jobs". Packed with God's redeeming truth, this talk promises to tickle your funny bone while filling your heart with hope. (Suitable for multi-generational women's events.)
  • The Best Advice I DIDN’T Understand the First 200 Times I Heard it!
Funny and fast-paced, this talk is designed for multigenerational gatherings of women ages 5 to 95. Sometimes it takes a few decades for good advice to sink in! Perfect for Spring teas and women’s functions
  • Beauty and the Beast

This inspirational talk focuses on defining beauty and self-worth

on God’s terms while continuing to connect and interact with a culture that polarizes concepts of womanhood. Based on the teaching of Genesis and God’s description of a woman, Ezer Kenegdo, this talk peels off the layers to get to the

​Appropriate for ages 12+. 45 minutes.

  • Best Friends

A multigenerational message for women ages 5 and up focused on defining and recognizing friendship as designed by God. This talk interweaves the plot of EB White’s classic children’s story, Charlotte’s Web with the story of the four friends bringing their paralytic friend to Jesus. 30 minutes

  • It’s a Wonderful (Real) Life-

Have you ever asked yourself, “Why am I here?… No really, why?” This talk addresses the BIG question of personal significance and how one over-worked, underappreciated mother found some answers on the day she accidentally dropped the holy family. This talk includes the salvation message. Appropriate for MOPS and seeker friendly Christmas gatherings. 55 minutes



  • “Finding Ebenezer” 

A NEW Christmas talk for multi-generational gatherings contrasting the Scrooge story with our search for meaning in the holiday madness. Includes a salvation message. Appropriate for seeker-friendly type gatherings.
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