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Hollylu Speaks

Funny, frank and God-centered speaking

I finished something.  A book! With big words and everything

it's what I do

Don't tell my kids I'm talking about them...

the good, the bad, the coffee



“What I witnessed was a woman of God speaking deep, deep wisdom and love into the hearts of hundreds of women who desperately needed to hear how much God loves us and wants to pour His joy over us.”

Hollylu!  WOW! I've never experiences a speaker who brought the Bible to life like you have this weekend.  Your ministry to us was unforgettable. I'm so grateful to God for you.  Thank you for everything!

“The Bible Study has breathed new life into my soul-God’s calling to depth after a long winter’s sleep…The hours and service and creativity were simply BEYOND.”

- Susan

- Candace

- Christina

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